How To Choose The Perfect Sauna For Your Home

It’s strange, but it’s rare that people in America decide that they want to have their very own sauna right in the comfort of their own home. Perhaps it’s the fact that we don’t often come across saunas in our daily lives. You may find them at a gym or a spa, but certainly not all people visit these places every day (particularly the latter for obvious reasons).

However, if you’ve ever been graced with the sauna bug the thought of bringing one into your home has probably crossed your mind. You might find that there’s not a ton of information out there about them, however, or at least not information that’s tailored to your specific situation. Hopefully, this article will truly resonate with you, and help you find a sauna that will keep you happy, relaxed, and revitalized for years to come. One thing to note before we get started, we’re assuming you want the sauna to be actually inside your home. If you’re looking for an outdoor sauna some of this won’t be relevant, but perhaps we can touch on that more extensively in a follow-up article.

Start With Size

The way to narrow down your sauna search fastest is to define the size that you’re looking for. Saunas are generally sized by the number of people they are designed to accommodate, but be wary as they often will seem a little bit tight at capacity. If you can afford the larger price tag and the extra space required, it’s recommended to buy something that’s designed for 1-2 more people than you think will actually be using the sauna on a regular basis.

Of course, if you are constrained in either of these directions you can still fit the number of people that the sauna is rated for, just be aware that you might not have as much space to spread out as you initially thought. One last note on that, you can potentially save space by choosing a sauna that is designed to nestle in the corner of a room.

Decide on Your Preferred Wood

The next best thing to consider to help narrow down your decision is what type of wood you want your sauna to be made out of. You’ll notice that a lot of saunas are made from woods such as hemlock or cedar, as they tend to be more resistant to the conditions that saunas usually operate under. Keep in mind that these woods are odiferous, and as you heat up the sauna and crank up the humidity these smells will become more intense. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but something to be aware of.

If you’re not a huge fan of these types of smells, you can do just fine if you choose a sauna made out of pine instead. Pine tends to last just fine, especially if you prefer dry heat in your sauna. You may even find that pine is more affordable in some cases, so that may be another reason to consider it.

Pay Attention To The Heater

Last but not least we’ll discuss an often overlooked aspect of home saunas – and that is the heating element. This is one place that manufacturers can often skimp, resulting in saunas that take a long time to come to temperature or even will never come to temperature at all. Make sure to choose a sauna that is designed with adequate power, it’s probably the most important part of the sauna after all.

Another avenue you can explore is the infrared sauna. This is quite different from a traditional sauna, but there are reasons that people will choose them instead.

All in all, don’t worry too much. If you follow everything in this article you’ll end up with a sauna that is at least good enough, and chances are you’ll find something that makes you extremely happy. Once you’ve used these filters to narrow down your options, it comes down to a matter of price, availability, and convenience. Best of luck on your search, and we wish you a relaxing and enjoyable first session in your new sauna.