Being retired, while offering a lot of free time and minimal stress, can frankly become boring. After nearly three decades in the financial industry, bringing my career to a close eventually left me feeling lacking a sense of accomplishment. I’ve tried filling my day with a number of activities, from fitness groups to volunteer work, you name it, but I still haven’t found something that I truly enjoy spending my time on. So, I figured why not give this a shot!

I’ve heard about blogging for years and have obviously come across many blogs in my lifetime, so I figured I’d create something relevant to the every day tasks I enjoy. I’ve always found some satisfaction in being a homebody, even though my life outside the house was full of much more accomplishment. That doesn’t take away from the pride you get from making a beautiful house though – nothing will match that.

So who knows what will come of this site, but I’ll give it a try and see where it goes!


Mary Sehultski