About Us

Church Street Café,
Sister Restaurant of Alta Restaurant & Wine Bar.

The Church Street Café was established on May 24th, 1981.
In May of 2011, for it’s 30th Anniversary, it was completely renovated.

Many of the items used in the renovation were derived
from reclaimed materials.

The rustic hardwood flooring was reclaimed from shipping material, originally carrying
railroad tracks to the Pacific Northwest. There are more than 70 different species of wood
used to make the rustic installation. Black markings on many of the boards indicate
where the irons tracks once rested.

The Bar and Dining Tables are also made from reclaimed wood,
bearing the name of “fishtail oak” for its interesting grain pattern.

The Emeco Navy chairs are made with 80% recycled aluminum. These chairs were
originally built in 1946 for the Navy, who required a durable chair to be used on their
ships and submarines. Unconfirmed legend states that the seat was molded from the
behind of the famous Betty Grable.

At the Church Street Café we utilize many seasonal, local, and organic food products,
which we believe enhances in the finished product.

We hope to welcome you soon !