“The Pet Pantry,” a nonprofit organization that promotes a healthy pet food industry founded by veterinarian wife Patti Smith and her husband Les, has been in operation since 1998. Today it serves more than twelve million pet owners throughout the United States. The organization supports animal welfare, spaying/neutering, and community outreach through its numerous free and low-cost pet health products. In order to support their pet supplies needs, The Pantry needs funding. This is where their “pet food bank” comes into play.

“Pawlicity Advisor” is the largest pet insurance market endorsed by multiple veterinarians throughout the USA. It helps pet owners compare, save, and shop for top-rated pet healthcare plans for as little as free. Each month pet owners can apply for food assistance at no cost to them by simply filling out an online application form. The pantry distributes thousands of coupons to local animal shelters and rescues throughout the country, and works closely with national, state, and local government agencies to distribute these same discounts to pet owners who are in need of financial assistance.

Relaxed cat.

Like many other pet insurance programs, “Pawlicy Advisors” serves the primary objective of reducing the cost of pet insurance by helping pet parents reduce the cost of veterinary care. One way that this is done is through helping pet parents understand and utilize their insurance discounts. By using policy advisor, pet parents can find out which veterinarians in their area have the highest percentage discounts. They can also learn which veterinaries in their area to provide the most convenient methods of application.

The pantry makes every effort to partner with qualified veterinarians and rescue groups in the country, but their resources are limited. Some other pet food companies have come forward with their own pet food discounts. Through community outreach, pet parents can learn about these companies and apply at their local stores. In the process, they will be able to save hundreds of dollars on pet food.

Community outreach supports the mission of animal shelters by providing a multitude of free, quality, food resources. Through the American Humane Association, pet owners can become familiar with the organization’s different services. The ASPCA offers food, toys, bedding, clothing, furniture, and informational literature. Each month, the organization publishes a newsletter and provides information on upcoming events.

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In addition to the discount pet food discounts available through local pet shelters, consumers can also find free or affordable pet insurance. Many large, well-known insurance brands have established pet insurance programs. These programs often provide discounted pet insurance at local shelters. Pet insurance offers peace of mind for pet parents who want to feel confident that their pets will be able to receive medical attention when in need. It is important to remember, however, that insurance does not pay for the care of sick or injured pets.

By using a Pawlicy Advisor, pet owners can save hundreds of dollars on pet insurance. This innovative device calculates the veterinary costs of your dog or cat based on breed, age, and gender. A complete coverage plan offers maximum coverage and the peace of mind that your pet will be able to receive the healthcare it needs. Pet insurance brands such as Pure Pad, Medi-Cal, and Advantage are among the most popular options.

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